Nike M2K Tekno Atmosphere Grey BV0074-001

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"AIR MONARCH" debuted as training shoes in 2001. It was developed not for athletes but for those who train on a daily basis. It seems that there was a concept of shoes that can be easily obtained at low prices, mainly at chain stores, so that everyone can get it anywhere, like buying potatoes at a fast food restaurant. In 2003, “AIR MONARCH 2” appeared, where designers actually went to holiday theme parks and commercial facilities to research and update. Later, in 2008, "AIR MONARCH 3" and now "AIR MONARCH 4" has become a classic model as the best selling shoes loved by fathers throughout the United States, commonly known as "DAD SHOES". From around 2013, the number of loyal users on the street has increased as a fashion "remove" item, and since 2017 the "M2K TEKNO" has been rebuilt for the lifestyle scene and has continued to evolve.


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