adidas Ultra Boost Leather Black EF0901

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The adidas Ultra Boost has been through quite a few tooling upgrades, generation updates, and design inspirations since its inception oh-so-many years ago. And since Kanye’s influence has mostly washed away, it’s up to the Three Stripes alone to make do with their staple runner of choice, now giving it, among other upcoming schemes, a material face-lift of full leather. Two schemes take this newfound approach — one triple white and the other triple black — in an all-out feature of the surprising change: every outward bit from the toe cap to the base leathers and back over to the profile cages are pushed through this much more luxurious lens with the same branding hits mostly untouched. Instead of colored vinyl or gold-encrusted emblems, the pair opts for tonal embroideries and debossed fixtures, respectively, while leaving all else quite minimal relatively.


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