Air Jordan XXXIII University Red BV5072-600

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The new color of the signature style "AIR JORDAN XXXIII PF (Air Jordan 33 Performance Fit)" takes modern basketball players to new heights. The design of this work is inspired by the "practicability of spacesuits", combining innovative ideas and the latest technology to maximize the ability of star players currently active in the "NBA" as performance models. "Heating" combines "seams" with "adhesive tape", while cleverly arranging "durable" nylon canvas and "synthetic leather" and "synthetic suede" of "top" materials. The seamless specification is adopted to further improve the contact of the feet by performing an "adhesive treatment (thermocompression bonding)". In addition, the "cable" adjustable accessory installed by pulling the "pulling tongue" connected to the "step (A)" section, and locking the "Fastfit" by pulling the "side ring" mounted on the "side panel" is the current model The biggest feature is that it can quickly self-customize according to the needs of each player, and simplifies the operation of bundling "shoe races" to promote the focus on performance (quick fit) technology. In addition, the "belt closure system" and "shoe tongue tongue" and "heel tongue" help to put on and take off and help smooth entry. The `` unique unit '' includes `` AIR '', `` ZOOM AIR '' (zooming air) with high size `` exclusion '' and `` buffering '', which is a compression and "Exclusion" combines the excellent "carbon plate" and is equipped with "FLIGHTSPEED" technology, which can maximize its functions and generate explosive steps, reflecting excellent functions. In addition, the design of the outsole visualizes FASTFIT technology, not only the clearest design, but also the highest performing model in history combined with high-dimensional functions. Gathering. This work is a familiarity of the recent "AIR JORDAN" series of sneaker fans who have recently spent time by using "embossing" to imitate "quil stitching" to a detailed "red" and "black" color combination combination


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