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Featuring "Ned", a neighbor of the Simpson family who is particular about left-handedness!
The longest-lived animated series "THE Simpsons" in the history of American television . A laughing comedy about the strange and extraordinary everyday life of the world's most noisy Simpson family. Since 2021, we have been collaborating with " ADIDAS" to reflect a funny world view. The first one was released with the theme of a suspicious drink, but the second one focused on characters with strong habits. This time, "NED FLANDERS", the most famous left-handed person in Springfield, was selected. He is also known as the owner of "THE LEFTORIUM", which specializes in left-handed products. Introducing "MCCARTEN", a coloring inspired by the sweatshirts and shirts he wears. The casual style, like a combination of sneakers and loafers, is an unpretentious finish befitting a devout Flanders. The upper is made of khaki leather with brown suede, and the lining is fashionably tailored so that pink can be seen. In addition, a special leather hang tag is attached, and Ned's face is engraved on it, so you can not miss the playful details.


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